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As indicated above, we supply Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Blend and On & Off-Road Diesel fuels.

Our service area covers an approximate 25 mile radius from Pittston (18640)

We offer a budget plan to help with affordability during those cold Northeast Pennsylvania winters. Our budget plans run for 12 months and renew every year on July 1.  This is a good way to “budget” your fuel expenses for the upcoming heating season.  Based on your fuel usage and the previous years’ fuel prices, we are able to estimate what you will spend on fuel for the upcoming heating season.  We then break it down into 12 monthly payments. 

As indicated, a budget is an estimate on what you will spend on fuel; however, your budget may need to be adjusted later depending on the fuel prices and how cold the winter months are.  Unfortunately, we are unable to predict this when calculating your budget.